IOT Canada offers DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions in Calgary that will help you beautifully showcase your new services, products, updates or anything else!

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Our Digital Signage solution to retail and corporates is a remotely managed digital screens solution using LCD, LED and Projection technology to exhibit content such as images, animation, streaming media, weather information, restaurant menus or wayfinder. You might come across our systems installed at various public spaces, in transportation systems, hotels, restaurants, stadium, retail stores, corporate and professional buildings. It’s an optimal and beautiful approach to deliver information to your customers about your services, products or deals which is professionally managed by IOT Canada.

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Deliver On-time

Realtime information dissemination to customers, Minimizes perceived wait time !

Creative and Inexpensive

Exhibit any Image, Animation, Script or anything else, Save Printing and Administration cost !

Let Screens do Selling

Showcase your Products in storefront window 24Hrs a day, Even outside opening hours !

Influence Purchase Decisions

High quality animations have a powerful influence on buying decisions, most decisions are made in stores !

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